Maisie Bell Puente

This is Maisie.
What kind of dog
does she look like to you?
Maisie's Chijuajua Mom
(looks nothing like this)

Her mom's build and coloring suggested
that she was a mix of some sort.
Maisie's Lahsa Apso Dad

You wouldn't know it to look at her
but Maisie is, in fact, half Lahsa Apso.
Miniature Pinscher

Maisie's coloring (like her mom's)
is similar to a Doberman so many assume she's part Miniature Pinscher.
We don't disagree.

Maisie is very long.
When she stretches, she really stretches.
Her mom was kinda long too, hence the theory that she's part Dachshund.

Maisie's been confused for a Rottweiler.
So Joe has decided to tell people
that she's a "Teacup Rottweiler."*
*(because there is no such thing as a "Teacup Rottweiler")
African Wild Dog

Maisie has huge ears.
So does the African Wild Dog.
Ergo, Maisie must be related
Dire Wolf

Maisie likes to watch
"Game of Thrones" with us.
So, she must be part Dire Wolf.
Tasmanian Tiger

When Maisie yawns
she reveals her huge mouth.
Reminding us of the Tasmanian Tiger.

Maisie is a very fast runner.
We're talking really fast!
Fast = Cheetah.

Maisie wears a bell...
Santa's reindeer also wear bells.
No, this is not a genetic trait.

Maisie's very long neck suggests
that she must be related to the giraffe.
Assuming you're easily suggestible.

Maisie is an "Aggressive Chewer."
She really likes chewing on wood.
Probably because she's part beaver.

Maisie loves carrots and burrowing
like a bunny. Though she prefers
to burrow under blankets.
Fruit Bat

Maisie really enjoys fruit
like bananas, apples and oranges.
She must be part fruit bat.

Maisie likes to eat grass
and munch on leaves.
So, she must be part goat.

Okay, "Gymnast" isn't a species per se
but Maisie has been seen
balancing on her front paws...
...while she was pooping in the snow.

Maisie makes noises like a chimpanzee.
We often refer to her as "the monkey."*
*Yes, we're aware that chimps are not technically monkeys.
Maisie Bell Puente

Sometimes when Maisie barks
She sounds like Tim Allen's grunting caveman character.
So... part advanced hominid?

Maisie has very long,
very sharp claws like a Raptor.
She might be a "VeLahsa Apsoraptor."

Maisie Bell Puente


Our first “Fur-baby,” Maisie is named after Maisie Williams, the actor who portrays Arya Stark on the series "Game of Thrones.”

Maisie is a mutt but it’s fun to see people trying to figure out what breed she is. To assist in that effort, what follows is Maisie’s family tree (though once you get beyond her parents, it’s largely speculative).

Maisie's Family Tree * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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