The Announcements

While our online wedding announcement was in the form of a science fiction mashup movie poster, our newspaper announcements had their own style as well (which varied, depending on which newspaper you read).

The traditional yet quirky version:

••• The last line in the add is a reference to the late Chris Farley’s motivational speaker character “Matt Foley” who often references the fact that he lives “in a VAN down by the RIVER!

When I submitted these announcements, I wrote the words “VAN” and “RIVER” in all capitalized letters and punctuated the sentence with an exclamation point. This is how it ran in the Tribune and the Deseret News. However, the Pyramid saw this use of capital letters and punctuation as an error and simple reformatted the last sentence to read—in what appears to be an oddly, nonchalant, matter-of-fact tone—“They will make their home in a van down by the river.”

Chris Farley fans will no doubt get the joke, regardless. Those not familiar with the Matt Foley character might at least see the humor in the emphasized words and the exclamation point but how many people might be confused by the “corrected” sentence in the Pyramid? •••

And the politically correct version:

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